This application is to be completed by all volunteers within the parish who will be working with children and/or young people (0-18 years). It will be kept indefinitely with the confidential Safe Ministry records.

Part A - Parish Requirements

Tip: What training have you had relevant to the ministry you are seeking to do, including any formal qualifications that you may have attained?

If your answer is yes to either of the next two questions your will need to contact the Senior Minister to discuss your application further.

Tip: Have you ever been acquitted of a charge of an offence against a child, had a charge of an offence against a child not proceed, had a prohibited status under applicable child protection legislation lifted, or been the subject of Church disciplinary proceedings involving child abuse?

Tip: Is there any aspect of your life that might be of concern to the church in approving your application to work with children?

Tip: Is there any other information that you think is relevant to this application?

Please list names, postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers for the following referees:

Part B - Government Requirements

If you are 18 years or older, before you may work with children you must obtain a clearance number from the Office of the Children’s Guardian, a government agency. (People under 18 are exempt, but once they turn 18 they must obtain a clearance number.) Fill out an online application form at here. If you cannot access the online form, call (02) 9286 7219 and a Customer Support Officer will assist you. The FAQ (here) has additional details about the process. On the form, the child related sector (under "purpose of check") to tick is “Religious Services.” Because you are a volunteer, there are no fees involved. When you have completed the application form, you will receive an application number by email or post. Take this application number and proof of your identity (eg. driver’s licence) to a Service NSW centre. As a volunteer, you will not have to pay the $80 fee applicable to church employees. They will verify your identity and get your “Check” started. Later, you will be informed of the outcome by email or by post. If you applied online and don't have any known issues, you can receive your clearance as quickly as the same day. If you are cleared to work with children, you will receive your Working With Children Check Number. Fill in this number and its expiry date on this application. Newtown Erskineville Anglican Church is registered to verify this number online and must do so before you may work with children. If you are barred from working with children, you should seek advice from the Senior Minister or the Professional Standards Unit in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney.

Tip: Your working with children number

Tip: The Expiry date

Part C - Diocesan Requirements

Before you may work with children, you are required to complete the Safe Ministry Training Course (Parts A & B) the Junior Course or the follow-up Refresher Course. If more than 3 years have elapsed since your last training course, you need to complete a Refresher Course. Please record your latest course completion date(s) below and where you completed it.

If you completed safe ministry training other than through the Anglican Diocese of Sydney (e.g., at another diocese, with a previous church or denominational body), please check with the Senior Minister to see if it will be recognised by the Diocese.

Tip: If training from another diocese/denomination, also include that.

Tip: not mandatory, and typically only done by leaders under 18

Tip: Mandatory

Tip: List full training history, do not delete older entries

Tip: 3 years after your training or refresher.

Safe Ministry Pledge

The Anglican Diocese of Sydney requires that all leaders who work with children, youth, or other vulnerable people abide by the Safe Ministry Pledge. The Anglican Diocese of Sydney wants its ministries to be characterised by grace and forgiveness, not rules and regulations; but the Bible is concerned that leaders have a particularly high standard in their personal life.

Please download and read the pledge here. (It is based on Faithfulness in Service, the safe ministry policy document of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, which is also available here.) By ticking the box below, you indicate that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by the Safe Ministry Pledge.